We are flexible on our rates, especially for longer bookings. Our passion is to help local artist make awesome sounding recordings.


$50/hour (W/ ENGINEER)

Record your next song with one of our highly skilled and attentive engineers.

Let's create that next top 40 song together.



Your song has been mixed. Now you need it to sound great no matter where it's played.

This is the final and most under appreciated part of the process. A great master of your recording can make all the difference.


Starting at $150

You've created your song. Now you need it to sound it's best.

Whether recorded with us or somewhere else, one of our amazing mix engineers can help bring your recording to life.



Lease's Starting at $100

Need custom production? We can help with that.

Our in-house producers are available for consultation to help cultivate the sound that you are looking for.

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